How to set up a tumblr blog

How to set up a tumblr blog







In this short video, I take you through the steps in setting up your tumblr blog.

tumblr is a fantastic way to share your content online, whether it is for a hobby or for college work.

I personally ask my post graduate students to set up a tumblr account as part of their financial derivatives trading assignment. It helps the student to keep on top of their work and it allows me to view their progress of this 12-week assignment.

What's great about having a tumblr account is that you do not have to worry about hosting fees so there is no cost to you.

Also, tumblr makes it so easy to set up and the dashboard (explained in this video) is so user-friendly – it's just like using your Facebook page.

Check out to go straight into setting up your blog page.

Also, if you're wondering what assignment I give my students, why not check it out on the Stocktrak webpage (scroll to the bottom of the list and you'll see my name Frank Conway:

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